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# Angular
Current for at least Angular 12.1. Chunks of this are from the README that's created when making a new site.
## Help/available commands
ng help
ng ___ --help
## Create a new site/project
ng new new-project-name
# This option can be used if there's an issue during npm install.
ng new new-project-name --skip-install
# Use a custom prefix for selector names.
ng new new-project-name --prefix ___
## Add eslint
See https://github.com/angular-eslint/angular-eslint for current information. As of 9/5/2021:
ng add @angular-eslint/schematics
## Start a development server
Runs on port 4200 by default.
ng serve
# Opens the site in the default browser.
ng serve --open
ng serve -o
## Code scaffolding
See [ng generate](https://angular.io/cli/generate).
# Create a new component.
ng generate component heroes
ng generate component hero-detail
ng g c input-button-unit
ng g c products/product-detail --flat
ng generate component messages
# Create a new service.
ng generate service hero
ng generate service message
ng g s services/todo-list
# Create an interface
ng g i interfaces/todo-item
# Create a new module, putting it into AppModule.
ng g m products/product --flat -m app
## Build the project
# Puts in dist/ by default.
ng build
## Run unit tests
By default uses [Karma](https://karma-runner.github.io/)/[Jasmine](https://jasmine.github.io/).
ng test
## Add an in-memory web API
For mocking up a backend.
npm install angular-in-memory-web-api --save
# Generate a module in src/app (flat) and register it in AppModule imports (module=app)
ng generate module app-routing --flat --module=app
ng generate component dashboard
# In-memory Web API
npm install angular-in-memory-web-api --save
ng generate service InMemoryData
ng generate component hero-search
Information has been migrated to [Angular Framework Notes](https://strivinglife.gitlab.io/book-angular/).