Add Linux directory info commands

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@ -80,6 +80,15 @@ sudo lsblk -f -m
# View the total size of a directory.
sudo du -sh /path/to/directory
# Show by child directory size.
sudo du -h /path/to/directory --max-depth=1
# Show largest directories first.
sudo du -h /path/to/directory --max-depth=1 | sort -hr
# Sort by directory name.
sudo du -h /path/to/directory --max-depth=1 | sort -k2
# Largest directories.
sudo du --separate-dirs -h /path/to/directory | sort -hr | head
sudo du --separate-dirs -h /path/to/directory | sort -hr | head -n 2
# Get all .mp4 files sorted by date and showing date, folder name, file name, and size.
# Excludes ._ and .DS_Store files (macOS).